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At Nexer Recruit, we are passionate about connecting people. We thrive on facilitating exciting and sometimes unexpected encounters that lead to fruitful opportunities. Every day, we are dedicated to discovering and nurturing these possibilities, because bringing people together is not just our job—it’s what we love to do.


Stepping Boldly into the Future

Since our founding in 2014, Nexer Recruit has specialized in the successful placement of qualified specialists and managers. With extensive experience across a wide range of industries, we are equipped to serve you, both on a national or international scale. Whether you are a major corporation or a dynamic small enterprise, in the private or public sector, we understand your distinct market position and the compelling value you offer.

As a part of the forward-thinking Nexer Group, we harness the latest tech knowledge. This strategic advantage allows us to quickly connect you with the top candidates who possess the right skills for your evolving needs.

Together, we proactively shape your recruitment strategies to overcome future challenges, ensuring you are always one step ahead. At Nexer Recruit, we don’t just fill positions; we help you prepare for tomorrow, today.

Tough Love

What Defines a Strategic Recruitment Partner?

Your recruitment process should be flawless, ensuring a perfect match in both competence and personal compatibility, now and into the future. To achieve this, our top priority is to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs and aspirations.

We are dedicated to assembling the puzzle of what drives you, how your organization is structured, your vision for the future, and what truly matters to you. Our aim is to develop a sharp and tailored competence profile for you, which may require us to engage in challenging but necessary conversations—think of it as tough love, designed to ensure precision.

We are dedicated to thoroughly understanding your needs and finding candidates who possess not only the essential tech skills but also integrate seamlessly with your organizational culture.

We are your strategic partners, committed to positioning you in the most favorable light to attract top talent.

Local Presence – Global Reach

Nexer Recruit is your dedicated recruitment partner, boasting both deep local roots and a broad global reach.

You´ll find our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Skövde, Malmö, Helsingborg, and Borås.

Leveraging the expansive network of the Nexer family, we effectively cover recruitment needs around the world, ensuring we can support you wherever your business takes you.


Education, gender equality, and diversity. These are the foundations of our social engagement. We also work hard to protect the environment and reduce our emissions.

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are known as Nexer Cares because we are deeply committed to making a positive impact.

Nexers vision – Promising future

At Nexer Recruit, “Promising Future” isn’t just a slogan—it’s a commitment.

We promise authentic experiences for everyone who interacts with us, whether you are a client, candidate, or colleague.

Our journey is founded on courage, trust, and collaborative relationships that inspire us to challenge the status quo.

We stand firm in our belief in our vision and our ability to execute it.

Nexer Recruit’s CEO

Susanne Hjälmered

Susanne Hjälmered, our CEO and co-founder of Nexer Recruit since 2014, has been at the forefront of guiding our company forward.

With over twenty-five years of experience in recruitment, leadership, and sales, Susanne has successfully managed over 400 recruitments, primarily focusing on leaders and specialists within the IT and Tech sectors.

If you’re interested in exploring future recruitment opportunities, discussing strategic matters, or learning more about Nexer Recruit, please feel free to reach out to Susanne.

phone: +46 703897007
email: susanne.hjalmered@nexergroup.com

In 2024, Susanne was nominated for “Leader of the Year” at the Recruitment Awards.


Our management system holds certifications in ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 27001 for Information Security, and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

These certifications underscore our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in quality, securing sensitive information, and promoting environmental sustainability.

You can rely on us to prioritize and rigorously uphold quality in all that we do.

Recognized as a Top Career Company for Two Consecutive Years


Nexer Recruit is an independent recruitment company within Nexer Group – an entrepreneurial tech company leading the digital revolution with the help of 2500 specialists in 15 countries.

For the second consecutive year, we have been honored as one of Sweden’s most attractive employers by Karriärföretagen, a recognition that reaffirms our commitment to fostering a work environment that is both productive and inspiring.

Our work is based on a vision of deep commitment and shared success for a better future. For our clients, for our candidates, and for ourselves.

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