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Successful recruitment is not just about finding the right skills – it’s about finding the right person who wants to accompany you on your continued journey. We help you find the golden nuggets and make sure that all the puzzle pieces fall into place.


Grow with the right people

Recruitment requires deep commitment and tact. Everyone wants the best. Of course. And the best knows their worth.

The ideal candidate today is creative, adaptable, self-motivated and good at solving problems. Driven and committed top candidates who lead development in their field.

Having people with these qualities is critical to success in the digital transformation. In a time of constant movement and change.

Recruitment is of course about finding the right skills, but above all it is about finding the right person. The person who best fits into your business and who can help you achieve future goals. That is why we always put people in focus.


Recruitment is an investment in the future. There is a lot at stake. That is why the personal meeting is so incredibly important. To see the person behind the CV. Eye to eye. That’s when the magic happens.

Can we find your perfect match? Yes, we dare to promise that.


Linda helped me and ECARX with an Engineering Manager recruitment in the fall of 2022. She took care of the entire recruitment process which made my work easy.

Very professional, perceptive and responsive to what we were looking for. Of course also happy with the result

Henrik Svensson, Head of Solution & Development Center at ECARX Sweden 


I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Nexer Recruit. They quickly understood the profile needed and delivered excellent candidates where we had difficulty finding the right fit.

Professional work from start to finish, from initiation to delivery and follow-up.

Fredrik Wikman, PQC Manager Nouryon


It is obvious that Nexer Recruit takes pride in delivering quality. By understanding the role and the profile required to fulfill that role, Nexer Recruit has helped Thule Group with a number of recruitment processes. The result has been great both for Thule Group and our new colleagues.
Nexer Recruit are transparent and provide excellent follow up throughout the whole process which builds confidence and trust.

Daniel RönnertzVice President IT & Business Applications at Thule Group


For us, it is extremely important that the recruitment is right. Both in terms of competence and on a personal level. Now and in the long term. That is why we are keen to get to know you as a customer and you as a candidate.
Understand what drives you and what is really important. It is only then that we can guarantee a successful recruitment process.

Something that our partners and candidates greatly value is that we give a true and credible picture – from both perspectives. For us, it is a given. Our recruitment process is imbued with clarity and strong commitment. An open and transparent process is a prerequisite for everyone involved to make decisions on the right grounds. Everyone wins in the long run.

For the success of all parties, we only undertake those assignments which, after careful analysis, we consider possible in relation to the market and complexity. We are appreciated because we are business-like and dare to say no, but also because we take on recruitment tasks where others fail.


We start the recruitment process by mapping your needs and creating a solid requirements profile. In parallel with digital visibility and advertising, we work hard to convert qualified candidates through search and headhunting. The most suitable people then proceed to interviews and final selection. Quality is verified by in-depth interviews, personality analyses, skills tests, references and background checks.

We always follow up our recruitments and make sure that both candidates and customers are satisfied. This is how we build good relationships, today and into the future.

That the candidate’s journey feels good for everyone involved is essential. From the first interview to the job.

We always follow up with our candidates, adjust the situation and ask how they experienced the process. We use Realcruit, a tool where candidates can leave feedback and rate the recruitment process.
Through measurement, we get data and insights to improve the candidate experience. So far, we at Nexer Recruit have received very good ratings, for example 89% of the candidates feel that they were given the opportunity to give a fair picture of themselves during the recruitment process. What we are most proud of is that everyone who gave us reviews recommends our recruitment consultants 100%.

We who work here at Nexer Recruit are “people persons” at heart and soul and that our candidates experience the process as positive, even in cases where it may not result in a job, is very important to us.

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Education, gender equality and diversity is the foundation of our social responsibility.

We also work hard to protect the environment and reduce our emissions. . We call our CSR work “Nexer Cares” – because we care and want to make a difference.


REcruitment company of the year 2022?

We are honored and delighted to be finalists for the prestigious ‘Recruitment Company of the Year’ category in this year’s Recruitment Awards.

What truly makes us proud is being nominated by our clients, candidates and partners; a testament to all hard work put in as well as meaningful relationships built over time. We thank them all sincerely; without their trust and support, such recognition would not be possible.

recruitment Awards

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