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Nexer Recruit Malmö

Artan Bitiqi
Recruitment consultant – Nexer Recruit Malmö


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Are you looking for the best talent in Tech and Engineering? Do you need specialists or leaders who can drive your organization’s future development?

We specialize in finding and hiring candidates from all over the world for complex and business-critical positions. We are your strategic partner in the recruitment process. Benefit from our extensive experience and unique candidate network in Southern Sweden.

Data-Driven insights

Rely on our Results

What characterizes a recruitment process with us? Firstly; open communication and transparency. It is our responsibility to truly understand your competence needs and your organization’s structure, culture, and future direction. Our partners and candidates appreciate that we give a realistic and trustworthy picture—from both sides. For us, it’s essential. A clear and honest process is the key for everyone to make choices on the right basis. Everyone wins in the long term.

Secondly; strong commitment. We have a genuine passion to make the best possible recruitment, both for you as a client and for our candidates.

So, what can you expect when you recruit with us?

– We achieve an 88% success rate in filling our complex roles, such as senior Tech/IT specialists and managers

– On average, it takes 79 days from contract signing with us to a signed employment agreement with the candidate

– Candidate satisfaction averages at 82% (industry average: 64.5%)

– 93% of our clients would recommend us

Contact us if you want to work with someone who is not just a supplier but a strategic partner.

The Recruitment Process

Search and the city

We know that your key success factor is exceptional employees; great solutions require great people. We have the expertise and experience to build powerful teams. Search is a significant part of our work during the recruitment process. In all our assignments, we actively scout the market and recruit passive candidates.

To ensure you can recruit the right talent, we provide both a unique network and deep knowledge. We have the resources for your organization to meet future challenges and attract problem solvers who truly make a difference.

We make sure that the candidates we present are passionate, dedicated, and willing to work hard to help your company achieve its goals.

Strategic Recruitment Malmö

Our Areas of Expertise

IT/Tech recruitment Malmö

Our core area is IT/Tech roles, regardless of industry and complexity.

How do AI, IoT, digital twins, AR, machine learning impact your current business and the expertise you will need tomorrow? Have you invested enough in data security to ensure your privacy and your customers’ trust?

Possess the necessary skills for tomorrow. The future is already within your reach.


Do you need a partner that have extensive experience in recruiting within Engineering?

Technological advancements pave the way for new opportunities in efficiency, automation, and communication.

Contact us for recruitment within manufacturing industries, process industries, Life Science, and R&D.

Executive Search Malmö

Recruiting leaders is a business-critical process.

We have the expertise and experience to source and select managers and leaders for any function. We work closely with you to understand your needs and challenge your expectations.

Headhunting is an integral part of our expertise!

IndustrY 5.0

Tech+ innovation = sustainable solutions.
The combination of human creativity and expertise with digitalization and automation is revolutionizing various sectors.

Discuss solutions with us.


Are you looking for Life Science expertise or interested in working in companies within Pharma-, Food-, Bio-, or Medtech?

We ensure the quality of competence so that you can work with high-tech and complex methods, whether it’s research, product development, or clinical trials.


Our network extends worldwide. We have contacts and collaborations with companies and talents, primarily in Europe but also in Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

We assist clients in recruiting candidates both to and from Sweden.

Tough Love

The Power of a Strategic
Recruitment Partner

For us, it is extremely important that the recruitment is done right. Both in terms of competence and on a personal level. We know that hiring is not only about skills, but also about personality and fit. That’s why we want to learn more about you as a client.

We want to see the big picture and discover what drives you. How is your organization structured? Where are you heading? What truly matters?

We do our utmost to make the competence profile as sharp and accurate as possible. Our ambition is to understand, and the prerequisite for that is to question and challenge. Call it tough love.

We work diligently to understand your needs and find individuals who not only have the technical skills but also fit in with your organization. To represent you as an employer in the best possible way to future employees, we are not just suppliers – we are your strategic partner.


It is obvious that Nexer Recruit takes pride in delivering quality. By understanding the role and the profile required to fulfill that role, Nexer Recruit has helped Thule Group with a number of recruitment processes. The result has been great both for Thule Group and our new colleagues.
Nexer Recruit are transparent and provide excellent follow up throughout the whole process which builds confidence and trust.

Daniel RönnertzVice President IT & Business Applications at Thule Group


Working with Nexer Recruit has been a positive experience from start to finish!

Johanna and Artan have always been proactive and flexible in our collaboration. They have clearly highlighted recruitment challenges and actively sought solutions that move us forward.

I truly appreciate their perseverance and commitment to finding the right candidate for Nederman.

Eva Carin Svensson, Senior Vice President Human Resources Nederman


We have used Nexer Recruit for several recruitments. They have done a great job understanding the role, the team’s preferences, and attentively listening to our collaboration requirements.

They already possess extensive and deep knowledge of the profiles we are seeking, which greatly facilitates the process.
We are highly satisfied with their work so far.

Martin Samuelsson, Rekryteringsansvarig Bosch R&D Lund

Boost Your Online Presence

Mastering Digital Visibility

Have you seen us on LinkedIn? Here, we have invested in building strong relationships with our candidates. We take pride in our extensive community on the platform, where Nexer Recruit’s posts can get up to 300,000 views. By sharing our knowledge and expressing our views on topics that matter to us, we aim to show our followers who we are and, ultimately, who we represent.

In addition to our focused work on social media, we have also invested in targeted advertising in recent years. Using AI segmentation, we have refined and honed our communication to candidates.


% higher percentage of women seek our services compared to the average at other IT/tech recruitment agencies

(42% women vs 27% women)




followers on LinkedIn

”To support candidates on their journey to a new job and at the same time help hiring managers find the right skills for their organization – that’s the best part of working as a recruitment consultant.” 

Johanna Värmfors, Recruitment Consultant Nexer Recruit Malmö


In his role as Business Manager, David is dedicated to expanding Nexer Recruit’s client portfolio. He stays attuned to the market, understanding customer needs, and ensuring our offerings remain current and relevant.

Feel free to reach out to us for a discussion on how Nexer Recruit can assist you in your recruitment processes. David can be contacted at:
Email: david.svensson@nexergroup.com

In the epicenter of tech development

we are a part of Nexer Group

Nexer is a global technology company rooted in Swedish entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies rely on Nexer’s commitment and expertise in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IT, and R&D.

Nexer has 2,800 experts in 15 countries.

candidates in focus


This was one of the best processes I’ve been in. A lot of kudos to Jenny for holding it all together in a superb way.

Candidate, Executive Search Malmö

I had the pleasure of dealing with Björn who made the entire process very pleasant, even though job searching can be challenging.

Candidate, Recruitment within Engineering Malmö

Both Johanna and Jenny have been taking care of the process and checking how I was feeling as well as maintaining a very good flow of information.

Candidate, IT/Techrecruitment Malmö

“I have been treated very well and taken care of by the recruiter I have been in contact with!”

Candidate, IT/Techrecruitment Malmö

Fill your Knowldege Gap


User Experience & Marketing

Inbound Marketing Specialist,
UX/UI Designer,
UX Writer


BI-developer, Data Warehouse Specialist,
Data Architect, BI & Data Engineer,
Solution Designer Data, Data Analyst


IT Architect
System Architect
Solution Architect
Business Architect
Enterprise Architect


Cloud Architect
Cloud Engineer
Cloud Developer
Cloud Infrastructure

Business system

SAP Specialist, Solution Architect Dynamics,
Solution Architect SAP,
ERP Specialist Jeeves,
M3 Specialist, ERP Application Manager,
IT Applications Specialist O365


Agilt tech lead, Agil coach,
IT Project Manager, Requirements Analyst,
Product Owner, Product Manager, Scrum Master,
Team Lead, Tech Lead, Business Analyst

SYSTEM & Software development

Application Developer, Software Engineer AI, Backend Developer, Episerver Developer,
Frontend Developer, Full-stack-Developer, Java Developer, Developer.NET/C#,
Developer Javascript, PHP, Python, React, Angular


Continuous Integration Engineer
DevOps Engineer
SecOps Specialist
Site Reliability Engineer


Operations technician, Network technician,
IT Manager WAN and LAN,
Cyber Security,
IT infrastructure engineer,
3rd Line Specialist,
Systems engineer,
Customer Solution Architect,
Workplace Services,
Virtualization Specialist


QA Tester
Software Test Architect
Verification Engineer
Test leader
Software Automation


R&D Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Process Engineer
Capex Project Manager
Process Safety Engineer
Site Manager
Development Engineer
Application Engineer
Quality Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Field Service Technician

Maintenance Engineer
Test Engineer
Structural Analyst
Lab Engineer
Energy Engineer
Continuous Improvement Engineer
Tolling Engineer
Tolling Manager
Extruded Material Expert
Production Engineer



We are currently expanding our team in the exciting field of Biotech, and it brings us great pride and joy to unveil our new specialist area. In this venture, we seamlessly merge our wealth of experience in recruiting top-tier talent in IT/Tech with a deep understanding of the distinctive demands within the Biotech sector.

Biotech stands out as one of the most dynamically evolving industries, where groundbreaking technologies play a pivotal role in fostering innovation across domains such as Pharma, Health, Environment, Food and Industry.

We consider it an honour to assist our clients in making a meaningful impact and addressing some of the most significant challenges of our time.

Close Collaborations

To successfully recruit the most challenging roles within IT/Tech and Engineering, we collaborate. We often have two recruitment consultants involved in the recruitment processes. Why? It provides a smooth flow, enhances efficiency, and allows us to bounce the best solutions off each other.

Building effective teams is one of our key functions in recruitment, and we practice what we preach.

As a testament to our achievements, our team was nominated for “Delivery of the Year in Europe” at the Nexer Awards in Åre 2023.

nexer recruits Malmö office

Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay

Welcome to our office at Dockan.

Our doors are always open, and we’d love to see you!

Get in touch:

Artan Bitiqi, Teamlead and Teamlead Nexer Malmö

Phone: +46 723612844
Email: artan.bitiqi@nexergroup.com

Recruitment in the Øresund region

Are you searching for the top talents in tech, engineering, or biotech in the Øresund region ? Do you need experts or leaders who can drive the future development of your organization? As a recruitment company, we specialize in identifying and hiring candidates for complex and business-critical positions.

We are your strategic partner in the recruitment process. Take advantage of our extensive experience and unique candidate network in the Øresund region.


We are proud and honored to be finalists in this year’s edition of the Recruitment Awards, a gala organized by branschen.se that recognizes significant contributions in the recruitment industry.

Nexer Recruit is a finalist in the category of “Recruitment Company of the Year.” The jury’s motivation reads:

“With great professionalism and rapid information to both clients and candidates, Nexer Recruit strives for the highest possible quality. With their broad knowledge and competence, they succeed in getting the candidates involved and confident in every part of the process.

The clients say: Professional, and at the same time personal and friendly. This overall characterises Nexer Recruit as the devoted, warm and committed recruitment company where each recruitment is carried out with a clear ambition to create a better future for both candidates and clients.”


Education, gender equality and diversity is the foundation of our social responsibility.

We also work hard to protect the environment and reduce our emissions. . We call our CSR work “Nexer Cares” – because we care and want to make a difference.



Every recruitment is unique and our clients come from a variety of fields and industries. At Nexer Recruit, we take pride in challenging and supporting our partners.

Curious about how we work? Check out our customer cases or get in touch with us, and we’ll tell you how we can assist you.


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