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We at Nexer Recruit are very proud to be part of the Nexer family. Our mission is to create a better future. For our customers, candidates and co-workers – and for society at large.
We have a strong commitment to sustainability, gender equality, and education that can give children opportunities to make their dreams come true. Our commitment extends further than the financing of operations, we want to share our knowledge and be an active partner. Would you like to contribute? As a co-worker, you always have the opportunity to participate in our CSR projects. We can make a difference both near and far. Together we can create a better future.


Nexer is a member of the sustainability initiative, United Nations Global Compact. We actively strive to protect our common resources by, for example, making our energy consumption more efficient and choosing sustainable modes of travel. We are convinced that our innovative power, green technology and digital solutions will play a decisive role for a better future.

Our goal is to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030.

the code centre


Children are curious and easily adapt to new technology. They meet at Nexer once every week and learn how to code in a playful way. Our IT consultants teach in cooperation with Kodcentrum (Code centre). And it’s totally free of charge. This is a step in the right direction to create new opportunities for the next generation of young coders in Sweden. 

Star for life

Star for Life strives to help children and young people strengthen their self-esteem, realize their dreams, and create a better future. Since 2005, more than 450,000 children and young people, at 120 schools in South Africa and Namibia, have taken part in this unique educational program. The project was started by Christin and Dan Olofsson, who also founded the Danir group, which includes Nexer. As a Nexer co-worker, you have the opportunity to visit Star for Life and work as a volunteer.

In Sweden, Star for Life also run the Motivationslyftet (Motivation Boost) project since 2013. Through Motivationslyftet, young students receive tools and guidance to increase their belief in themselves and their abilities. Through an increased capacity for self-reliance and reflection, the goal is to reverse the negative trend of mental health challenges among children and young people.

The methodology and materials are based on the Swedish curriculum and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and are used in junior high schools, high schools, special schools, and resource schools around the country.

Nexer network: women


We want to strengthen women in the IT industry. That’s why we started Nexer Network: Women. A growing network where women can make connections, get inspired and develop. We do this by offering popular events with speakers, mixing and mingling.



We want to contribute to creating a stronger community for developers. Through the Nexer Network: Developers, everyone who works with or is interested in software development can meet, discuss, get inspired and develop together.