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Nexer Recruit BORÅS

In the heart of Borås, where the entrepreneurial spirit flows and innovation is a tradition, you’ll find Nexer Recruit. Your local recruitment agency with a global reach.

Balancing individual recognition with team focus is our approach.

Janin Perez
Recruitment Consultant

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Recruitment BORÅS


We aim to build sustainable partnerships with our clients. By getting to know you, understanding your challenges, structure, and corporate culture, we see the bigger picture.

As a strategic recruitment partner, we will challenge you. We appreciate clear and direct communication and don’t shy away from asking thought-provoking questions at times. Our goal is for you and your organization to succeed, not only in the short term but also in the long run.

Our passion is to bring people together and create opportunities. Since 2014, we have successfully assisted companies with recruitment in various industries, from small to large players, both nationally and internationally.

Get in touch with us if you want to collaborate with someone who is not just a supplier but also a strategic recruitment partner.

IT/TECH recruitment BORÅS

Access to Expertise that Creates an Impact

Tech is changing the job market. The digital transformation has increased the demand for IT- and Techspecialists, leading to a shortage of expertise. Meanwhile, most companies lack the time, knowledge, or the network required to successfully attract and engage strong IT/Tech candidates.

Recruiting specialists with a focus on digital development and innovation is often a crucial factor that significantly contributes to driving your business forward.

Recruit strategically by tapping into our expertise: We know what it takes to attract and engage these highly sought-after individuals. In a constantly evolving world, it’s essential to stay ahead. As part of the Nexer family, originating from Sigma, we find ourselves in the epicenter of tech development. We have a unique ability to anticipate future competency needs while using our expertise to engage with clients and candidates effectively. In short, we are specialists in recruiting specialists.

By being close to Nexer Recruit’s main office at Lindholmen, situated in Gothenburg’s thriving tech hub, you gain access to our strong platform and wealth of expertise.

Recruit with us

Our Areas of Expertise

IT/TeCH Recruitment BORÅS

Our core area of expertise lies in IT/Tech roles, regardless of the industry and complexity.

We assist you in attracting top candidates with the right skillset and in crafting a strategy to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Are you in search of a new star in procurement, logistics, or Supply Chain?

We have the expertise to place the right person in the right role. Let us assist you in achieving your goals and growing with the right individuals.


We understand that an organization is only as strong as its leaders. Our expertise lies in filling business-critical executive roles that steer your company toward success.


Does your marketing department need a fresh perspective, or does your business require a highly skilled salesperson?

Whether you’re seeking a sales manager, a technical sales representative, or strengthening your strategic communications team, we have the candidates to match your requirements.

Second Opinion

Are you recruiting on your own? Seek our support in the process. Gain fresh perspectives and new angles on your recruitment decisions.

We provide tests, second opinions, and background checks.


We have extensive experience in recruiting within Engineering. Technological advancements open up new opportunities for efficiency, automation, and communication.

Contact us for recruitment within manufacturing industries, process industry, Life Science, and R&D.

The Future of Commerce

Radical Insights

We are currently living in a time when commerce is undergoing radical changes. This shift can be described as the third revolution in commerce, and the next ten years will witness profound transformations related to new technology and technology-driven business models.

At Nexer, we are committed to understanding the direction commerce is heading and developing technological solutions for a better future. We have collaborated with Kairos Future, experts in environmental analysis and future-oriented strategy, to create a future report, ‘Radical Retail 2030,’ where we paint a picture of how the industry is likely to evolve over the next 10-15 years.

The report is based on Kairos Future’s International TrendWatch, which identified more than 100 trends and early phenomena, results from a workshop with Nexer’s Retail Advisory Board, and interviews with commerce experts and leaders from Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Norway and Austria.

  • 5 shifts that will define commerce over the next 10-15 years.
  • Unlocking the Commerce Revolution: The 19 Essential Technologies.
Unique Network – Specialists in Search

A Web of Connections

The relationships with our clients and candidates are the heart of our business. We take pride in having built a unique network of specialists over the years. It is this network that forms the backbone of the process when it comes to identifying and hiring the right person for your organization.

In addition to our network, each recruitment process involves active searching. We proactively seek out and headhunt the candidates most qualified for the role.

Digital Visibility – Reaching the Expertise

Stand Out from the Crowd

Have you seen us on LinkedIn? Here, we’ve dedicated our efforts to building strong relationships with our candidates. We take pride in our extensive community on the platform, where Nexer Recruit’s posts can reach up to 300,000 views. By sharing our knowledge and taking a stance on matters close to our hearts, we aim to clearly communicate who we are and, in extension, who we represent.

In addition to our focused work on social media, we have also invested in targeted advertising in recent years. With the help of AI segmentation, we’ve refined and pinpointed our communication to candidates. Regardless of the role and complexity, we reach the expertise you need.


% higher proportion of women apply for our positions compared to the industry average at other IT/Tech recruitment agencies


% More applications through social media than our peers in the industry


Followers on LinkedIn

Genuine Partnership

For us, it’s incredibly important that the recruitment is spot on. Both in terms of expertise and on a personal level. Now and in the long run. That’s why we’re keen to get to know you as a client.

We want to piece together the puzzle and understand what drives you. How is your organisation structured? Where are you heading? What truly matters? We make every effort to make the skill profile as sharp and precise as possible. The ambition is to understand, and the prerequisite for that is that we question and challenge. Call it ‘tough love.’

We work diligently to understand your needs and find individuals who not only possess the technical skills but also fit seamlessly with your company. In order to represent you as an employer in the best way for future employees, we’re not just suppliers – we’re your strategic partners. We’re not satisfied until you are!


We are proud and honored to be finalists in this year’s edition of the Recruitment Awards, a gala organized by that recognizes significant contributions within the recruitment industry.

Nexer Recruit is a finalist in the category of ‘Recruitment Company of the Year.’ The jury’s statement is as follows:

“With great professionalism and rapid information to both clients and candidates, Nexer Recruit strives for the highest possible quality. With their broad knowledge and competence, they succeed in getting the candidates involved and confident in every part of the process. The clients say: Professional, and at the same time personal and friendly. This overall characterises Nexer Recruit as the devoted, warm and committed recruitment company where each recruitment is carried out with a clear ambition to create a better future for both candidates and clients.”

“Excellent communication throughout the entire process.”

Candidate, IT/Tech Recruitment

I believe the conduct has been exemplary all the way.

Candidate, Executive Recruitment

The process went smoothly. I was very impressed.

Candidate, Engineering Recruitment

Superb and responsive treatment.

Candidate, IT/Tech Recruitment

We find the specialist you’re looking for


Test Engineer
Embedded developer
Software Engineer AI
Application Engineer
IT Architect
Cloud Engineer
Backend developer
Frontend developer
Fullstack developer
Java developer
QA Tester
Enterprise Architect
ERP Specialist
Team Lead
DevOps Engineer


Process Safety Engineer
PLC programmer
Field Service Technician
Maintenance Engineer
R&D Engineer
Production Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Automation Engineer
Process Engineer
Project Manager
Project Engineer
Application Engineer
Quality Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Lab Engineer
Continuous Improvement Engineer
Production Engineer


Project Manager
Site Manager
Business Controller
Head of Production
Sales Manager
Head of Logistics
Product Manager
Technical Product Manager
Head of Quality


Head of Textile development
Fiber Expert
Battery cell Engineer
Battery technology engineer
Polymer Engineer
Product Specialist
Process Engineer


Key Account Manager
Business Developers
Marketing Coordinators 


Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Coordinator
Transport Coordinator 
Logistics Coordinator
Claim Specialist
Order Processor 

Recruit in Borås

Welcome to our office in the heart of Borås. You find us at Stora Torget, Österlånggatan 40.

Book a meeting with Recruitment Consultant Janin Perez and share your recruitment needs with us. We will find the solution that best suits you and your organization.

Janin Perez
Phone: +46708120457

In the Epicenter of Tech Development

We are a part of Nexer Group

Nexer is a global technology company with roots in Swedish entrepreneurship and innovation. Some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies rely on Nexer’s commitment and expertise in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IT, and R&D.

Nexer has 2,800 experts in 15 countries. The company is part of the Danir Group, a Swedish privately-owned company with 12,000 employees in 18 countries.

Nexer Cares

Education, equality and diversity. That is the basis of our social commitment. We also work hard to protect the environment and reduce our emissions.

We call our CSR work “Nexer Cares” – because we care and want to make a difference.

Our CSR initiatives


We do not recruit based on emotion. Through competency-based recruitment, we ensure quality in the process.

Starting with a well-analysed requirements profile, where we together identify the competencies that are crucial to succeed in the role.

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Every recruitment is unique and our clients come from a variety of fields and industries.

At Nexer Recruit, we take pride in challenging and supporting our partners. Curious about how we work? Check out our customer cases


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We’d love to share how we can help you on your journey!