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Nexer Recruit Helsingborg

Are you looking to hire the most skilled individuals in Tech and Engineering in southern Sweden? Or are you seeking specialists or leaders for the future development of your organization?

In the recruitment process, we serve as your strategic partner. We excel in filling complex roles for business-critical positions. Benefit from our extensive experience and unique candidate network.

Jenny Nilsson
Recruitment Consultant

contact person
10 years of successful Recruitment Processes

Recruit with a strategic partner

Do you find it challenging to secure the right talent for your organization? Partner with us, and gain access to profound strategic insights into competence, efficiency, and growth. With a decade of experience successfully matching specialists and leaders locally in Helsingborg, Skåne, nationally, and internationally, we’ve cultivated a distinctive network.

Our approach involves close collaboration with both candidates and companies, fostering enduring relationships that yield added value. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of collaboration and partnership. Let’s navigate the journey together.

What can you expect when recruiting with us

– On average, it takes 79 days from contract signature with us to a signed employment agreement with the candidate.

– Candidate satisfaction averages at 82% (industry average: 64.5%).

– 93% of our clients would recommend us.

Want to partner with a recruitment professional who is not only a supplier but also a strategic collaborator?



IT/Tech Recruitment Helsingborg

Together, we identify the expertise you need for your future development. As a recruitment company, we find ourselves in a unique position. We are part of Nexer and, as such, at the heart of tech development.

With ten years of experience in IT/Tech recruitment, you can trust that we deliver results. We handle the entire recruitment process from start to finish, saving your time and energy so you can focus on driving your business forward.


Is your organization seeking top-tier Engineering talent to drive innovation and development?

We provide a bespoke recruitment process that seamlessly blends precision, speed, and industry-specific expertise.

Our network encompasses diverse engineering disciplines, spanning mechanical, electronic, and roles linked to production and processes.

Executive SEARCH Helsingborg

Hire at the top tier in Helsingborg.

When it comes to leadership roles, a precise and personalised strategy is crucial. We carefully listen to your unique requirements and craft tailored recruitment solutions.

Successful executive recruitment goes beyond matching skills and experience – it’s about aligning with the individual’s personal qualities. We actively seek out future leaders with the drive and leadership style that perfectly fits your organisation.


Are you looking to hire dynamic and results-driven professionals who excel in both technology and sales and marketing?

As a tech company, we seamlessly integrate market understanding with digital expertise. With a track record in recruiting technical sales professionals, business developers, and sales engineers, we identify talents motivated by goal achievement, fostering success and contributing to growth.

Supply chain

Whether you’re seeking a strategic buyer or a Supply Chain Manager, we excel in identifying exceptional candidates.

We understand the crucial need to swiftly fill key positions to ensure seamless continuity in your business operations.

Recruitment within BIOTECH

Explore future solutions in biotechnology with our specialist recruitment service.

We recruit specialists and managers in regulatory, quality, R&D, sales, procurement, and marketing.

Customer Experiences

Perspectives Shared by Our Partners


Nexer Recruit has supported us over the past few years in developing and expanding our Nordic branch. They are familiar with our operations and organisation, allowing them to swiftly identify and address our needs by delivering targeted proposals.

The entire process has always been transparent, with defined steps and follow-ups, even when considering long-term outcomes. Their knowledge of the “local” market aids us in growing our organization in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Matteo Valerin, Managing Director Carel Nordic AB


We have partnered with Nexer Recruit for several recruitments. They have adeptly grasped the nuances of the roles, understood the team’s preferences, and attentively listened to our collaboration preferences.

They possess significant and in-depth knowledge of the profiles we are seeking, streamlining the recruitment process. We are highly satisfied with their work thus far.

Martin Samuelsson, Hiring Manager Bosch R&D


Working with Nexer Recruit has been a positive experience throughout! Johanna and Artan have always been proactive and flexible in our collaboration.

They have clearly flagged issues in the recruitment process and have been active in finding solutions that move us forward. I truly appreciate their perseverance and dedication in placing the right candidate for Nederman.

Eva Carin Svensson, Senior Vice President HR Nederman



Jenny Nilsson, Recruitment Consultant Nexer Recruit Helsingborg

Recruiting in Helsingborg

Your recruitment company in Helsingborg

We ensure that the candidates we present are passionate, committed, and willing to work hard to help your company achieve its goals.

With us, you can opt for either a complete recruitment process or customize the components that precisely fit your current needs.

We offer

– Consultation

– Preliminary Studies

– Search

– Second Opinion

– Tests and Background Checks

– Interim Solutions

– Digital Visibility

Understanding the Concept of a Strategic Recruitment Partner


For us, it is of utmost importance that the recruitment is done right. Both in terms of competence and on a personal level. Now and in the long run. That’s why we are keen on getting to know you as a client.

We want to piece together the puzzle and understand what drives you. How is your organisation structured? Where are you headed? What truly matters?

We strive to make the competence profile as sharp and accurate as possible. The ambition is to understand, and the prerequisite for that is to question and challenge. Call it tough love.

We work diligently to grasp your needs and find employees who not only have the technical skills but also fit into your company culture.



This is an opportunity to grow your career in a sector that truly makes a difference. Nederman is a global industry leader in environmental technology, shaping the future of clean air. Here, solutions that truly make an impact are created, with knowledge and passion as the driving force.

As the new innovation and production facility in Helsingborg is being launched, we’re excited to offer multiple positions for those looking to join the team.

Do you want to work with high-level tech innovation, in a dynamic team of skilled colleagues who all want the same thing – to shape the future of clean air?

Recruitment in Helsingborg


How do you find the tech specialists?

In every recruitment assignment, we utilize search. Why? Well, partly to seek out candidates that best match your competency requirements, but also to directly engage with so-called passive candidates, those not actively seeking new employment.

We enhance our network and search by promoting our ads digitally. We ensure a deep understanding of our client’s needs before reaching out to candidates, and we persist until we achieve success.

How is the recruitment process conducted?

We support the entire recruitment process – from a comprehensive needs analysis to your signing of employment contracts.

We conduct searches and selections, communicate with candidates, conduct interviews, tests, and references, and act as a sounding board for both candidates and employers.

Which specific roles do you recruit?

We have extensive experience in recruiting at all levels and across all industries, whether you are a startup or well-established in your market. See the specific roles we have experience with further down on the page under ‘Recruit the Right Expertise.’

How do you assess the candidate’s technical competence?

We are a team of experienced recruiters within the tech sector. We delve into the technical expertise required in crafting the job profile – where we also prefer to speak with a team member from the technical team that the candidate will be a part of.

Many of our clients also conduct technical interviews to thoroughly assess the candidate’s technical competence.

What is the timeframe for the new employee to be in position?

Expect a recruitment process to take 2-3 months to find the right person for your needs.


Reach out to Recruitment Consultant Jenny Nilsson via email, phone or LinkedIn to initiate a conversation on how we can collaborate in your upcoming recruitment.

Feedback from the candidates

The communication was very personal, clear, and provided multiple opportunities for feedback.

Candidate, IT/Tech recruitment Helsingborg

Fast process, clear feedback, a professional impression, and friendly staff.

Candidate, Executive recruitment Helsingborg

“Human connections are complex, but I would say that my experience with Nexer RECRUIT is positive.”

Candidate, IT/Tech recruitment Helsingborg

“Superb treatment, and NEXER RECRUIT followed up as promised, spoke for me, and everything went smoothly!”

Candidate, IT/Tech recruitment Helsingborg


Are you eager for a change in your professional life? Suddenly, it´s there. Your dream role, delivering precisely the challenge you seek – both enriching and enjoyable, with an employer thats perfect for you.

Stay informed about our job vacancies here on our web, or become a part of our candidate network to receive continuous updates on new adventures.

Nexer recruits Helsingborg office

Local presence – Global reach

Our Helsingborg office has a new address in the heart of Helsingborg – we have settled in Prismahuset, just a stone’s throw from Helsingborg Central Station.

Prismahuset is located in Oceanhamnen, a new innovative district where modern architecture and sustainable solutions come together.

If you are nearby and curious about how we can assist your company with tailor-made recruitment solutions for 2024, welcome to Helsingborg’s new tech hub. Join us for a coffee, and let’s discuss your needs and goals.

Reach out to Recruitment Consultant Jenny Nilsson:

Phone: +46 70-3018279

Recruitment in the Øresund region

Are you searching for the top talents in tech, engineering, or biotech in the Øresund region ? Do you need experts or leaders who can drive the future development of your organization? We specialize in identifying and hiring candidates for complex and business-critical positions.

We are your strategic partner in the recruitment process. Take advantage of our extensive experience and unique candidate network in the Øresund region.


In our mission to effectively fill the most challenging roles in IT/Tech and Engineering, collaboration is key. Our recruitment procedures frequently engage two consultants to ensure a harmonious process, heightened efficiency, and the ability to generate and refine the most effective solutions collectively.

Crafting high-performing teams is at the heart of our recruitment philosophy, and we practice what we preach.

As evidence of our success, our team received a nomination for “Delivery of the Year in Europe” at the Nexer Awards in Åre 2023.

Specialist roles

Recruit the Right Expertise


Data Architect
IT Architect
Software Engineer AI
Embedded developer
Application Specialist
Cloud Engineer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Fullstack Developer
QA Engineer
Enterprise Architect
ERP Specialist
Team Lead
DevOps Engineer
Cybersecurity Specialist


Process Safety Engineer
PLC Programmer
Field Service Technician
Maintenance Engineer
R&D Engineer
Production Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Automation Engineer
Process Engineer
Project Manager
Quality Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Continuous Improvement Engineer


Project Manager
Site Manager
Head of Production
IT Manager
Sales Manager
Head of Logistics
Product Manager
Head of Quality


Key Account Manager
Technical Sales Representative
Business Developer
Marketing Coordinator
Sales Engineer
Sales Manager
Market Development Manager

Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain

Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Developer
Sourcing Specialist
Transport Coordinator
Logistics Coordinator
Strategic Purchaser


Our management system stands internationally certified under ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 27001 for Information Security,.

Feel secure knowing that we are deeply committed to maintaining high-quality standards.

In the epicenter of tech development

we are a part of Nexer Group

Nexer is a global technology company rooted in Swedish entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies rely on Nexer’s commitment and expertise in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IT, and R&D.

Nexer has 2,800 experts in 15 countries.


Education, gender equality and diversity is the foundation of our social responsibility.

We also work hard to protect the environment and reduce our emissions. . We call our CSR work “Nexer Cares” – because we care and want to make a difference.



Every recruitment is unique and our clients come from a variety of fields and industries. At Nexer Recruit, we take pride in challenging and supporting our partners.

Curious about how we work? Check out our customer cases or get in touch with us, and we’ll tell you how we can assist you.


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